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Wheelchair Accessible Van Rentals Services

We specialize in Wheelchair Accessible Handicap Van Rentals and Non Emergency Medical Transport for those who have specific medical needs but not the means.

Daily, Weekly and Monthly Rentals are available and we service both Individuals and Businesses.

Van Rental Programs

NEMT / Paratransit Transport Services

Accessible Wheelchair Vans provides NEMT (Non Emergency Medical Transport) and Paratransit services for both long distance and local medical needs. 

Our NEMT / Paratransit Transport Service is for any type of medical appointment that is non emergency. This would include Scheduled Doctors Appointments, Dental Visits, Lab Work Appointments, Follow Up Visits and Pharmacy / Prescription Visits. This service is available for one time use or on a recurring schedule.

Note: This is not an ambulance service and we do not provide medical assistance. Our vans are not equipped for emergency use. If you are having an emergency of any kind please Dial 911.

NEMT Non Emergency Medical Transport
Short Term Van Rentals

Short term handicap van rental is a daily service that is perfect for Doctors visits, Family events, Running everyday errands, Short vacations, Personal vehicle out of service and any other short term temporary transportation need.

Short term rental is between 1-6 days. This is our daily rental service with options for less than a week. If your needs require transportation for more than 6 days we can accommodate you with our Long Term Rental Program. 

Long Term Van Rentals

Long term handicap van rental is available for both weekly and monthly rental periods. Long term rentals are perfect for Insurance Vehicle Rental, Extended Vacations, Corporate Transportation, Long Term Nursing Facility, Retirement Community, Long Distance Travel and more. 

Our Long Term Rental Service is designed for both Individuals and Businesses / Corporations. 

Long Term Van Rentals

No matter what your needs are, contact us today and we will find a solution that fits your needs.

Rental Information

Our Locations / Service Areas

While we are headquartered in East Texas and our main areas of service are the South and Southeast United States, we are able to provide service to any state in the Continental United States depending on your requirements.

Below is a list of areas we service regularly. If you don’t see your area listed don’t worry, contact us and we can get you taken care of.

Our Accessible Van Features

We provide only the best and most reliable Accessible Wheelchair Rental Vans available.  Each rental van in our fleet must meet a certain set of standards that provide comfort, reliability and safety for our clients.

Pricing and Mileage

How Much Does A Handicap Accessible Van Cost?

We offer the lowest and most competitive Pricing and Mileage plans available in the Wheelchair Accessible Van Rental industry.

What You Need

Our van rental process is quick and hassle free so you can focus on what’s important the most, Mobility Freedom.

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