Accessible Wheelchair Van Rentals

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Providing mobility freedom to those who have accessibility requirements for Personal, Family or Business needs. Let us help you make it happen.

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Who Are We?

Accessible Wheelchair Vans LLC.

We are a Mobility and Accessibility company that has over 15+ years of experience providing Wheelchair Accessible Rental Vans to both Individuals and Businesses. Our fleet of vans are the safest and most comfortable in the Wheelchair Van Rental Industry. 

Who Are Our Clients?

Wheelchair Accessible Van Rentals

NEMT Transport

NEMT / Non Emergency Medical Transport provides transport services for individuals to medical related appointments such as follow up visits, dental appointments, recurring scheduled doctors visits and more. 

Short Term Rental

Long Term Rental

Short Term Van Rental is our daily rental service from 1 to 6 days (less than a week) and is perfect for running errands, medical appointments, daily life and any other local needs. This service is suited more for the individual.

Long Term Rental

Short Term Rental

Long Term Van Rental is our weekly and monthly rental service. This service is perfect for nursing homes, living facilities, medical clinics, vehicle replacement, vacations and more. This service is suited for individuals and business.

Why choose accessible wheelchair vans llc

Benefits Of Choosing Us

Our number one priority is our clients and that starts from the initial contact.
Your experience with us matters.


Related Experience

We have decades of experience in the Hospitality, Accessibility Services and Transport industries.


Honest Compassion

We are aware of the unique situations our clients face and take great care to provide a hassle free experience.


Work Pride

We take pride in our business and that allows us to build a reputation that benefits our clients long term.


Dedicated Service

Offering top quality service allows us to develop long term relationships with out clients.